About Us

The reason this website exists is to share PC hardware reviews! Gaming can be expensive, more so for those gamers that like to keep all the hardware up to date. There is a lot of information about specifications, what is the fastest, what looks the nicest, highest frame rates… The list goes on.

What most gamers need to know is what matters? A great example is on our best gaming monitors page, some gamers want their screens to update as quick as possible so a 144hz, TN panel at 24 inch inches would be perfect for them. On the other side of the coin, other gamers care more about the crisp colours and don’t mind if there is a tiny amount of input lag, meaning an IPS panel at 60Hz or higher is a good place to start.

So, as you can see that’s just two different types of screens we haven’t even talked about screen size or any of the other technologies gaming monitors utilise these days!

Overall, our big plan is to provide the best information possible for all the needs of a gamer. Best deals, biggest savings and the latest news is basically what we want to cover.

There are ways you can help us be a better source, that is by sharing your opinions with on Facebook or even using our contact form (comments will be enabled on pages soon too!).