AMD Set Ryzen Gen 2 Pinnacle Ridge Release Date For Early 2018


Ryzen Roadmap & Rollout

AMD has recently informed its motherboard partners of its schedule and plans for its 12nm Pinnacle Ridge, Ryzen gen 2. This is according the DigiTimes. The current Ryzen Gen 2 release date is said to be February 2018 with a new lineup of 2000 series Ryzen 3, 5 and 7 CPUs. The second generation of CPUs are likely to be a small upgrade with clock speeds and overclocking capabilities as well as support for faster DDR4 RAM – let’s hope this launch is smoother than the debut was with RAM support! This is a point we covered and documented while reviewing best AM4 motherboards, which we have recently updated for Ryzen Gen 2.

February 2018 is said to be the Ryzen Gen 2 Pinnacle Ridge release date of the first set of Pinnacle Ridge CPUs, with the second generation of Ryzen 7 being released. Ryzen 5 and 3 will follow closely behind with a release date of March 2018. AMD expects to have 30% desktop market share by the end of the first half of 2018 according to DigiTimes.

What Will Ryzen Gen 2 Offer?

AMD have spoken previously that the Zen CPUs will become more fine-tuned with every generation. What the second generation will bring is anyone’s guess at this point but rumours have been swirling regarding increased clock speeds and more overclocking capabilities alongside efficiency of the CPUs.

Don Woligroski, Desktop CPU Marketing Manager at AMD said:

We’re definitely working on improving, our engineers [are] really smart guys and things are looking better as we go along. I can’t talk to specifics on IPC but that’s an area of focus. We’ve got clock speed headroom to take advantage of and we’ve got tweaks to make sure performance for each clock is better. I’m really looking forward to it…

Pinnacle Ridge Motherboards

As with all new CPUs, there will always be fresh motherboards with more features, updated chipsets and in some cases a few more RGBs! Ryzen Gen 2 Pinnacle Ridge certainly doesn’t break that tradition with a range of new AM4 400 Series expected to land January 2018, in time for the Pinnacle Ridge release date. Options include X470 and B450 chipsets both likely following similarities of the predecessor (X370 & B350). If you are interested in upgrading to Ryzen Gen 2 for release date then be sure to read through our Ryzen Motherboard guide which covers all of your options for both 1st and 2nd generation CPUs.

AMD has made no secret of the fact that the AM4 socket will be supported until 2020. Something of a problem for Intel, who recently released Coffee Lake with a forced upgrade to the new Z370 chipset, to the anger of many! ZEN 2 is also scheduled for a 2019 release with AM4 support which is very encouraging to see.

There is no public information about what advantages the new 400 series motherboard will bring a first or second generation of Ryzen users. But using Intel Coffee Lake motherboards as an example it may be in the form of a few more PCIe lanes, more stability and possibly more tuned VRMs for overclocking. Hopefully with some better RAM support, yep, I’m harping on about this for a reason!

Pinnacle Ridge has a lot of competition to deal with considering it has to go up against the increasing pressure from Intel who has recently released the very powerful Coffee Lake lineup as well as a rumoured appearance of the 10nm Coffee Lake and Ice Lake lineup in 2018.

Last modified: August 25, 2018

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