Best SSD Hard Drive For Gaming in 2018


When building a gaming PC in 2018, well actually any type of PC, one of the first things you need to make sure you get is an SSD (Solid State Drive). Installing your operating system and all the other programs you use frequently will ensure your computer always loads quickly. It also has a massive effect on load times for games. Recently I upgraded my gaming laptop with the best SSD for gaming I could get my hands on. The differences in load times are amazing! Usually, from power button to windows being fully loaded would take around 30 to 45 seconds but it now takes less than 10 seconds – that is one hell of an improvement! We have a lot of people that have decided to upgrade their budget or $500 gaming PC with an SSD lately, great choice!

Samsung 850 EVO - Best SSD for GamingWhat exactly should you be looking for in an SSD hard drive? Well, that’s an easy question. It all comes down to 3 key points – Price, Speeds, and Reliability. Although Solid State Drives have been around for years they are still a little more expensive compared to conventional hard drives. It is important that you get the best SSD for your budget and something with read and write speeds that are high enough to make the upgrade worth the investment. Also, reliability is key. I would always stay away from generic branded or SSDs that are from brands that are less well known. The last thing you want is for your Solid State Drives to fail only months into using it.

SSD Make & ModelCapacityRead SpeedWrite SpeedWarranty
Samsung 850 PRO
Samsung 850 Pro SSD for Gaming
128 GB
256 GB
512 GB
1 TB,
2 TB
550 MB/s520 MB/s5 Years
Samsung 850 EVO
Samsung 850 Evo SSD for Gaming
120 GB
250 GB
500 GB
1 TB
2 TB
4 TB
540 MB/s520 MB/s5 Years
OCZ Trion 150
550 MB/s530 MB/s3 Years

The Best SSD

Before we get into it, what does the “best SSD” actually mean? For our list below it’s based on value for money, good performance, and reliability.

By far the best SSD for gaming is the Samsung 850 EVO 500GB. With its read and write speeds, reliability and capacity it makes it a contender but its affordable price makes it by far the best SSD hard drive on the market when based on value for money and overall performance. Just like when you are looking for any other piece of hardware or even when you’re looking for the best gaming monitor for your budget you need to make sure you get the best value for money as well as longevity – in other words, will this hard drive do you for the next two or even 3 years? That is something only the buyer can answer but for most gamers and computer users, I suspect it would be perfect.

The Samsung 850 EVO at 500GB gives you a massive amount of capacity for an operating system, games and even anything you need for day to day use. The Samsung 850 EVO 500GB also has a phenomenal read speed of 500 MB/s. The only point to be aware of is that with lower capacity Samsung 850 EVO drives the read and writes speeds are considerably lower – hence why the 500GB is the advised model.

Which SSD Should You Buy?

A Solid State Drive won’t get you a higher FPS or allow you to use higher settings for your favourite games. What the best SSDs do allow though is lower loading times, faster loading of files and overall a more streamlined experience from your laptop or PC. Load times can be cut dramatically, for example being a web designer I need to use tools like Photoshop which on a conventional hard drive took well over a minute to load. On the Samsung Evo Pro 500GB, it loads in less than 6 seconds now! Not to mention boot times and load times of all my games are now drastically cut.

In other words what you do really need to get is a Solid State Drive which is both large in size and fast enough to give you the best experience. In my opinion, I wouldn’t buy anything other than Samsung 850 Evo or Pro simply because it gives the greatest value for money, with a long warranty from a trusted technology brand.

Last modified: August 25, 2018