Oculus Rift has arrived in the UK

Virtual Reality

The Facebook-owned Oculus Rift VR headset has arrived on UK shores with headset available to buy in many stores and also online. IN the UK the cost of the headset will set you back around £549 from the likes of Currys, Game and Amazon. In some lucky stores up and down the UK, there will be hands-on demos with more locations being added every week.

Gamers can expect to find a whole host of demos, 360 Videos, as well as Lucky Tale, ‘s the virtual reality platformer.

The Oculus Rift is certainly not a cheap toy. With the likes of the PlayStation VR coming out soon with a more family-friendly price point it will be interesting to see what Facebook do. They may have to do something special to convince buyers to change their mind as VR is very much still in its infancy for the general gamer which I think mean Sony would be suited. Time will tell though.

Last modified: August 24, 2018

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