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According to Futuriom, Aviatrix presents a powerful vision for how large organizations can consolidate cloud networking, visibility, security, and automation into a single multicloud networking (MCN) platform. Using Aviatrix, organizations can streamline networking and security operations across cloud or multicloud environments. This is rapidly becoming important for enterprises prioritizing the optimization of fundamental cloud networking and security costs.

ROI Brief Highlights include:

  • Native Cloud Networking is Expensive: This is due to overlooked data processing charges and native service costs.

  • Optimize Costs: Aviatrix offers cost optimization with its secure cloud networking platform, demonstrating up to 50% savings.

  • Native Cloud Networking is Expensive: Now you can simplify operations, improve security, and optimize costs for modern distributed cloud architectures.

This ROI Brief is recommended for enterprises in or transitioning to the cloud, providing an analyst perspective for cloud, network, security, and operations leaders.

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