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Analyst firm Futuriom selects 50 of the strongest private technology companies in key markets for cloud and communications infrastructure for this year’s 2024 The Futuriom 50, naming Aviatrix a Cloud Market Leader once again.
The report reveals the top trends that Futuriom will be tracking in cloud infrastructure throughout 2024, including hybrid and multicloud infrastructure; edge cloud and data management; cloud visibility and automation; cloud security convergence; cost management and FinOps; and AI infrastructure. The Futuriom 50 represents the leading companies in these areas. The report also covers:


  • A year in review in the industry for 2023


  • Companies on the F50 list, raising a total of $14 billion in funding


  • The most promising IPO candidates


  • In 2024, the focus will be on optimization and cost-effective cloud infrastructure


  • AI infrastructure is the outlier, with the gold rush on


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